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Illinois State University is a medium-sized public university located in the town of Normal, in central Illinois. It is known for its research and teacher teaching program.

Summer Programs at Illinois State University

Summer Research Academy allows high school students to spend a week doing research with a professor at ISU. Opportunities include research in biology, biochemistry, computer mapping and more.

Camp College is a free residential program for rising seniors. It is for minority, first-generation or rural students and helps students prepare for the college application process.

Redbird Risk Management Challenge is a FREE program for rising seniors interested in a challenging management competition. Minority High School Scholar Actuarial Academy is for minority students with strong math skills and introduces them to careers in actuarial science, the analysis of risk. More details on these two programs can be accessed at Summer Business Programs.

In addition to summer camps, the Redbirds lead one-day Sports Camps in football, softball and gymnastics. Camps include gymnastics, soccer, swim track and field and cross country. Students must be at least 10 to stay in on-campus accommodations.

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Day* - Tuition and sometimes meals
Stay** - Tuition, housing, and generally meals
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Program Name Dates Day* Stay**
Illinois Summer Research Academy
(GPS,STEM,Computer Science)
Normal, IL
06/25/17 to 06/30/17 $340 $650
Minority Actuarial Academy
Normal, IL
07/09/17 to 07/14/17 N/A $0
Redbird Risk Management Challenge
Normal, IL
07/16/17 to 07/21/17 N/A $0
Gymnastics Camp
Normal, IL
06/11/17 to 06/14/17 $310 $399
Redbird Swim
Normal, IL
Varies $300 $399
Softball Camps
Normal, IL
Varies N/A