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Hendrix College is a private liberal arts college located in Conway, Arkansas which is about 30 miles from Little Rock.

Summer Programs at Hendrix College

The Arkansas Governor's School, located on the campus of Hendrix College, is a FREE residential program for Arkansas residents. Students are selected on the basis of their aptitude in:

  • Choral Music
  • Drama
  • Language Arts
  • Instrumental Music
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Visual Arts
Students take courses in their specialty and also programs in conceptual development and personal growth.

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Day* - Tuition and sometimes meals
Stay** - Tuition, housing, and generally meals
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Program Name Dates Day* Stay**
Arkansas Governor's School
Conway, AR
06/11/17 to 07/22/17 N/A $0
Basketball Camps
Conway, AR
06/12/17 to 07/27/17 N/A
Little Warriors Camp, K-6
Conway, AR
08/01/17 to 08/03/17 N/A
Little Warriors Camp, K-6
Conway, AR
06/27/17 to 06/29/17 N/A
Little Warriors Soccer
Conway, AR
06/12/17 to 06/15/17 N/A
Men's College ID
Conway, AR
06/17/17 to 06/17/17 N/A
Men's Lacrosse, grades 6-9
Conway, AR
Varies $150 N/A
Swim Camps
Conway, AR
06/23/17 to 07/18/17 N/A
Top Gun Warriors, grades 6-8
Conway, AR
07/20/17 to 07/21/17 N/A
Top Gun Warriors, grades 6-8
Conway, AR
07/17/17 to 07/18/17 N/A
Warriors Soccer, Junior Elite, grades 5-8
Conway, AR
06/18/17 to 06/22/17 $300 $360
Warriors Volleyball Camps
Conway, AR
Women's College ID
Conway, AR
06/10/17 to 06/23/17 N/A