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Gustavus Adolphus College is a small, private liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The College was founded by Swedish-Americans and named, in 1873, in honor of the King of Sweden. It is located in St. Peter, Minnesota.

Summer Programs at Gustavus Adolphus College

Academy Summer Program encourages students to explore faith, science and ethics during a weeklong seminar.

Electronics, computer programming, physics and weather all combine in High Altitude Ballooning.

There is a variety of camps, team camps and one-day clinics in basketball, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, hurdles, Nordic ski, running, soccer, swim, tennis, track, throwing, volleyball and football. Most camps are available as resident or commuter. Many offer an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet!!!

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Day* - Tuition and sometimes meals
Stay** - Tuition, housing, and generally meals
Program Name Dates Day* Stay**
Academy Summer Program
(Philosophy,Science,Bible Studies)
Saint Peter, MN
06/24/17 to 06/30/17 N/A $300
High Altitude Ballooning
Saint Peter, MN
06/25/17 to 06/30/17 N/A $750
Basketball/Leadership Coed Camps
Saint Peter, MN
06/10/17 to 07/07/17
Coed Youth Soccer
Saint Peter, MN
06/25/17 to 06/28/17 $285 $400
Football Prospect
Saint Peter, MN
06/14/17 to 06/14/17 N/A
Football Youth Clinic Half Day
Saint Peter, MN
06/15/17 to 06/23/17 $100 N/A
Golf Camp
Saint Peter, MN
07/09/17 to 07/13/17 $395 $495
Gustie Gymnastics Camps
Saint Peter, MN
06/25/17 to 07/27/17 $325 $475
High School Girls Soccer Camp
Saint Peter, MN
07/09/17 to 07/12/17 $300 $415
Jumping Camps, grades 7-12
Saint Peter, MN
06/20/17 to 06/22/17 N/A $385
Running Camps
Saint Peter, MN
06/18/17 to 06/29/17 N/A $385
Technique/Sprint Camp Swimming
Saint Peter, MN
06/13/17 to 08/10/17 $380 $465
Tennis & Life (Weekly Sessions)
Saint Peter, MN
06/12/17 to 08/10/17 N/A $555
Throwers One Day Camps
Saint Peter, MN
06/12/17 to 06/30/17 $110 $142
Volleyball Advanced Skills
Saint Peter, MN
07/07/17 to 07/09/17 $140 $210
Volleyball College Prep
Saint Peter, MN
08/04/17 to 08/06/17 $250 $300
Volleyball, grades 6-8
Saint Peter, MN
07/31/17 to 08/03/17 $75 N/A