Use the Academic Programs tab to search for summer programs on topics from astronomy to textile design. Travel Abroad Programs includes every continent, except Antarctica, with community service, language acquisition and more. There are over thirty options for sports camps based on college campuses. Use the Careers Tab to learn about how to prepare for careers from architect to mathematician.

About Us


My Summer Advisor was created to make finding a great summer program easier by providing listings searchable by date, budget, grade level, region, program content and more.  We collect this information by scouring the web and reading page after page to pull out the most important information so you can more quickly see your options.

Our results include a link directly to the program so you can read more or register.  We also include an overview of the program sponsor and a brief description of all programs available.  You may go looking for a volleyball camp and find a health sciences program that may interest you at the same university.

Our audience is middle (grade 6 and above) and high school students, but we also note programs for younger children and also interesting opportunities for newly graduated students, undergraduates and adults.  If you search by grade level, we provide a range because some programs use an eligibility based on age, rather than grade level.  If you find a program and you seem to be too young or too old, contact the program coordinator directly.  Some programs are flexible.

We divide programs into four general categories and you can search by program description under each tab.  The first is University-based programs.  These are non-sports camps developed by accredited universities and colleges.  We have tried to limit this to accredited colleges and universities only.  We also generally do not include programs at two-year associate colleges.  See our university tab for a description of the benefits of university-based programs.

Sports Programs are easily searched by sport, dates, residential or commuter and more.  Most of our sports listing are for programs at major universities and colleges.  See our sports tab for suggestions on finding sports camps that we have not included.  (We do miss things!)

Travel programs include programs developed by companies and organizations that specialize in travel for unaccompanied students. 

Our Specialty Camps tab includes an assortment of programs that place at museums, nature centers, flight centers, private high schools and more.  Some are held at colleges and universities, but were developed by organizations and private companies and are generally not lead by university faculty.  There are programs for interests as diverse as chess, aviation and video game design.  Under this tab are also research opportunities for young people at private companies.

We would love to be comprehensive, accurate and functional.  Please feel free to contact us if you have found a program we have missed, spotted an error and have trouble making something work.  We hope this site is a start to an awesome summer!